Fresh, On Site Catering

Catering your wedding or any other special event you might have, takes a lot of trust in whomever you hire.  We know that.  Most caterers cook elsewhere and deliver your food hot….or at least warm. The hours that your food is in the hot boxes being driven to your event degrades the food. What was supposed to be crispy is now soggy and what was supposed to be cooked medium rare is now medium to well done.  

What sets us apart from other caterers is that we cook everything fresh on-site, and that makes a HUGE difference in taste, texture and appearance. In 2017 I had a mobile kitchen built to my specs. The kitchen it’s self contains all the equipment necessary to create an amazing meal for you and your guests. 

Whenever possible we obtain our products from local farms, farmers markets and other purveyors which insures that you are getting the best, ripest and tastiest ingredients possible.  And again, we feel it makes a HUGE difference in the meal you serve your guests. 

We know that hosting a party or organizing a wedding is stressful. It’s not what you do on a regular basis, but it is what we do! We know that providing food is just one aspect of the event. We are here is help with whatever needs to be done. Just ask and we’ll make it happen.  We want you to enjoy your event and no one wants to see the host stressed. Weddings and other events are a time to enjoy each other’s company and often times there are people there that you haven’t seen in years. Spend time with them and get caught up, let us make you look good!

Craft Services

Filming a movie or commercial in the area?  My experience in the music entertainment industry enables us to provide your crews with delicious food, drink and snacks throughout the day.


Are you hosting a non-profit event that needs food and drink?  We love giving back!  Throughout the year we are chosen to provide food and drink for fundraising events and other non-profit benefits.  Please contact us and let us know if we can help!

Mobile Kitchen

Most caterers cook in off-site kitchens and transport the food in hotboxes to your event. Your food could have been cooked hours earlier and held until served.  In 2017 I designed and had built a 24’ mobile kitchen.  Our kitchen is outfitted better that some restaurants and allows us to cook pretty much any type of cuisine on site.  So you, the customer, know that your food is cooked fresh for you and your guests. 


Do to the sheer amount of menu offerings and the ever fluctuating prices of food, we don’t offer “packages”. Every menu is unique to our clients. Please select the menu items you’d like from our current menu offerings and we’ll be happy to write up a proposal that will not only reflect your individual tastes, but also your budget.

From Our Customers